Lash-Consultation Pro



A Lash Artists Guide to client consultations, managing expectations, overcoming objections and building strong client relationships.

There are many reasons why you will need to be an expert at doing your client consultations! This is your chance to introduce yourself and establish a professional rapport with every new client you meet. In other words; starting the process of managing client expectations and getting to know your new client.

  • Learn the art of conducting a professional consultation in order to help you build and retain long-lasting client/artist relationships
  • Understanding Contraindications, Allergies, Infections & Sensitivities
  • Learn to easily overcome objections
  • Professional to easy to follow PDF Forms: Client Profile & Client Consultation, What to Expect/Aftercare & Personal Services PolicyHandy Profile GuideWhen Not To Lash Salon Guide

In this course:

Foundational Consultation Skills

  • The Consultation Process
  • Client Care
  • How To Handle Complaints
  • Professional Responsibilities

Understanding Allergies, Infections & Sensitivities

  • Anatomy of the Human Eye
  • Infections & Infestations
  • Allergies & Sensitivities
  • Client Care In Case of Reaction
  • Professional Responsibilities


  • The Definition of a Contraindication
  • When Not To Lash
  • Medications & Why We Ask About Them
  • Professional Responsibilities

PDF Downloads

  • Client Consultation Form
  • Client Profile Form
  • What to Expect/ Aftercare/ Personal Services Policy
  • When Not To Lash – Salon Guide
  • Client Profile Info-Graphic – Salon Guide


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