Personal Services Policy

We have updated our Personal Services Policy. Please take a few minutes to review.

1. Please wash your hands when entering the studio.

2. Clients will be required to wear a mask for lash, brow and SMP or Hair Microneedling appointments.

3. Do not enter the studio if you are sick. Please reschedule your appointment. We will require 12 to 24 hours of advanced notice of cancellation in order to fill your spot.

4. No children are permitted to accompany you to your appointment.

6. There is a NO MAKEUP Policy for all treatments. Cleansers will be provided but it is recommended that you cleanse and remove any makeup before coming to your appointment.

8. Blankets are no longer be provided so make sure to bring a sweater to keep you cozy for longer appointments.

Scent-Free Environment

Clients are asked to please avoid using perfumes, scented lotions, hair products and laundry deodorizers prior to your appointment. I have become more and more sensitive and I am becoming overwhelmed with allergy-like symptoms to scented products. I appreciate your understanding! I know you babes like to smell fresh AF!

Online Booking

  • I ask that all clients book their appointments online at www.lashclass.ca/book-now.
  • You can book an appointment without logging in. Just use your Name, Email and Mobile Number to book an appointment.
  • You have an option to create a client account where you will have access to Cancel or Reschedule existing appointments up to 24 hours prior to the booking. (Please note: when cancelling inside of 24 hours online, the cancel or reschedule buttons will disappear and be replaced with a message that says “Not Allowed”. Your appointment is still booked – contact us by calling or texting to reschedule your appointment.
  • Available waitlisting options are shown as grey time slots. Be aware; if you cancel an appointment you may forfeit that appointment to the next person waitlisted in that time slot.

Arrival Time

  • First time or New Service clients are asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time in order to fill out their Client Profile and Waiver Release forms, use the restroom, and wash hands and/or remove makeup.
  • Returning clients are asked to arrive on time, unless they have booked a new service (in which case 15 minutes is required for paperwork).
  • Late arrivals will result in shorter appointment times however clients are still required to pay for the full cost of the scheduled service fee.
  • Every appointment includes a 5-minute allotment for checkout.

Deposits & Payments

  • I accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Interac E-transfer, PayPal and cash.
  • I request a 50% Deposit on most of our larger services and Full Payment on all promotional packages.
  • Deposits are considered retainer fees and are non-refundable, however, the appointment may be rescheduled given more than 24 hours notice.

Mobile Devices

  • I ask that all clients turn on “Do Not Disturb” on their mobile devices while they are visiting our studio.
  • Clients can use mobile devices with earbuds to listen to music or podcasts during appointments but are asked not to text or take calls during their appointment.

Email Confirmations

  • You will receive notification of booked and approved appointments at the time of booking.  If you did not receive an email confirmation there is a good chance that your appointment was not completed.  Check your Client Account to confirm that your appointment is in the queue (you should also check your spam box on your email account). If you do not see an appointment please rebook your desired date and time.
  • Confirming 24 hours prior. An email will be sent out to confirm your scheduled appointment 1 day prior to your appointment.  Please reply with “Yes” in order to confirm your appointment.

No-Shows & Late Cancellations

  • We ask for 24 to 48 hours notice when rescheduling your bookings to allow us to fill your spot with a waitlisted client.
  • Last-minute cancellations are inevitable, however, those clients may be asked to pay a 25% Same Day Cancellation Fee.
  • Clients who do not show up to scheduled appointments will be asked to pay a 50% No-Show Fee (forfeit their deposit). No-Show clients will be asked to pay for all future bookings in advance.


  • There are no refunds on services that have already been rendered.
  • If the services provided are unsatisfactory, another similar service may be offered at a reduced fee or free of charge and are offered on a case by case basis.
  • Credit Card Chargeback: Clients who initiate Credit Card Chargeback Disputes on any charges billed to them, will be billed any and all fees for services rendered as well as all penalties charged to Lash Class Inc. as a result of the dispute.
  • Products, there are no refunds on cosmetic products, unless in the case of manufacturer defect and dependent on the manufacturer’s return policy.


  • There is a $75 fee for 30 Minute Consultation bookings.  This fee is deducted from the full cost of the service or package fee.
  • All Permanent Makeup and SMP packages require a consultation session.

Please see Lash Extension Aftercare