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Every person is different and will have varying levels of retention. Because of this, it is very hard to give an accurate understanding of how long extensions can last for every person. A good rule of thumb to guide you is that you should ideally have more than 50% of your extensions remaining when you come for your lash fill (inside of 2 to 3-weeks). If you have far less than that you should:

  • Book more time for your fills
  • Book fill appointments sooner
  • Book a consultation to review and evaluate your cosmetic products, lifestyle habits and aftercare routine

Our pricing system was designed so that you can book your New Set and Re-Lash Appointments based on your schedule, desired look & budget and not by the amount of time between re-lash appointments (which is a more traditional fee model for Lash Technicians).

New Set

Mini Set $125 (1hour)

Demi Set $175 (1.5 hours)

Full Set $225 (2 hours)

Mega Set $300 (3 hours)


45 Minute Fill $65

60 Minute Fill $85

90 Minute Fill $125

Package of 5 – 1 Hour Fills $382.50 (save 10%)

Package of 10 – 1 Hour Fills $722.50 (save 15%)


3+ Weeks Old Set $45 (30 min)

1 to 2 Weeks Old Set $65 (1 hour)

Express Lash Removal $85 (1.25 hours)

Heather is absolutely amazing and my lashes always look so beautiful when she has finished my session! I highly recommend her as she is talented, knowledgeable and engaging.

Deb Jabs

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