Lash Aftercare

Thank you for visiting our Lash Extension Aftercare page.

Do you ever struggle with your lash extension retention and/or have some questions on how you can best care for your Lash Extensions and protect your investment? The following is a deep-dive into how to protect your eye health, durability of the bond and how I structure my pricing and policy for my Lash Extension Clients.


Our pricing system was designed so that you can book your New Set and/or Re-Lash Appointments based on your schedule, desired look & budget.  Not by the amount of time between re-lash appointments (which is a more traditional fee model for most Lash Technicians).

New Set Prices:

Mini Set (1 hr) $125

Demi Set (1.5 hrs) $175

Full Set (2 hrs) $225

Mega Set (3 hrs) $300

Re-lash Prices:

45 Minutes $65

60 Minutes $85

90 Minutes $125

5 x – 60 Min: 10% off

10x – 60 Min: 15% off

Retention & Fills

Every person is different and will have varying levels of retention. For this reason, it’s very hard to give an accurate understanding of how long lash extensions can last for every person. A good rule of thumb is that you should have more than 50% of your extensions remaining when you come in for a Re-Lash appointment (Usually between 2 and 3 weeks). If you find you have less than 50% of your lashes left you should:

  • Book extra time on your next fill.
  • Book your next fill a week sooner than you normally would in order to load your lashes up to your desired fullness.
  • Book a consultation in order to review and evaluate your cosmetic products and aftercare routine.

Retention Variables

  • Restless Clients: While chatting through appointments is welcome, many times clients are also expressing themselves physically (fluttering lids, blinking, nodding, flinching or gesturing with their hands).  This will result in the lash extensions having a ‘less secure’ adhesion to natural lashes and therefore a less durable bond. For this reason, we advise clients to enjoy a well-deserved snooze. After all “Lash Naps are the New Beauty Sleep”
  • Other variables that determine your unique natural lash shedding cycle are: your age, skin type, aftercare cleansing routine, sleeping habits, health & medications used, and cosmetic products used.

Shed Cycle

  • At any given time your natural lashes can be in any phase of your Shed Cycle.  Anagen, Catagen, Telogen and Exogen.  You can think of it as Baby, Teenager, Adult and Falling-Out.
  • In addition to your Regular Shedding Cycle, you will also experience Seasonal Moulting that can seem like a significant “Shed-Off”.  This is generally more common during Spring and Fall seasons.

Cleansing Routine

  • It is very important to the health of your natural lashes and entire eye area that you wash your lashes daily.
  • To clean: Use Lash Class Gentle Foaming Cleanser and brush it through lashes using a soft lash cleansing brush making sure to completely remove any makeup. Rinse and repeat if necessary, pat dry and comb into place.
  • During cleansing you may lose any natural lashes that are in the Exogen (shed off)  phase of your lash cycle and any older extensions where the bond has deteriorated (generally 6 to 8 weeks)

Late Arrivals

  • Appointments do not run late. For this reason, we ask that clients please remove makeup prior to coming to their appointment.
  • Late arrivals will receive less lashing time but will be required to pay the full-service fee for their scheduled appointment.
  • Every appointment includes a 5-minute allotment for checkout.


  • From time to time clients wish to have their lash extensions removed. Natural lashes will grow shorter and straighter under the weight of the extensions and will look noticeably shorter however the natural curl and length will return after a few Shed Cycles.  Using a Lash Enhancing Serum is recommended while using lash extensions and especially during breaks
  • Do not attempt to remove lashes on your own as it may damage your natural lashes. Instead, book a Removal.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do: Arrive at your Re-Lash appointments with no makeup or contact lenses (wear glasses instead). A cleanser will be provided if needed.
  • Do: Cleanse lashes every day, making sure to fully wash away cosmetics before bed to protect your eye health.
  • Do: Use a lash serum to help fortify and enhance natural lash health.
  • Do: Invest in a silk pillowcase to help protect your lashes.
  • Do: Cleanse lashes after a dip in the lake or ocean and after excessive sweating or crying. (Especially after crying!)
  • Don’t: Rub, scratch or pick at lashes (doing so could cause permanent damage to your natural lash line).
  • Don’t: Expose your lash extensions to extreme heat. They can be singed and will lose their curl.  If you have burned your lashes you should book in for a Removal and New Set in order to return to your preferred design and thickness. Avoid the heat from ovens, campfires, BBQs, cigarette lighters, steam from hot showers, dishwashers, boiling pots on the stove etc.
  • Don’t: Use cosmetic products that are not formulated to be safe for Lash Extensions around your eye area. Also, note that even the use of makeup that is formulated for lash extension clients will still reduce the duration and durability of the bond.

Please note: because of these variables are different for every client, I cannot control the duration or the durability of the lash extension bond, therefore results are not guaranteed.