NALA Nominations 2020

Lash Class Inc. has just received AMAZING NEWS! I have been nominated for Educator of the Year and Comprehensive Curriculum of the Year and Lash Class has been nominated for Lash Academy of the Year!!!

Comprehensive Curriculum Award.

This award will go to a lash academy that offers an extremely comprehensive program with great detail and valuable information. An academy that has gone above and beyond the requirements to prepare their students with the best possible education for their new career.

Educator of the Year Award.

This award will go to a lash educator that always puts his/her students first. This educator is patient, knowledgeable, caring and fun. This educator boasts tremendous success for their graduates.

Academy of The Year Award.

This award shall be presented to the lash academy that offers the most value to its students, has a comprehensive curriculum, and has had the most successful graduates because of their program(s).

What an honour to be counted as one of the nominees for this year’s NALA Awards! You can find a list of the Awards Definitions and a list of this year’s Nominees.

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