I’m Heather Gillett, the Lash Extension Educator here at Lash Class Academy! As you can probably guess, I am very passionate about Lash Extensions! But what is most important to know about me is that I love to teach people the art of Lash Extensions! It has been my mission to create the most comprehensive Lash Program in North America to help students learn about Lashes and also to help them to start and grow a Lash Business of their own!

In-Person Training

Lash Class Academy was designed to guide students through a step-by-step program (in the most beneficial sequence) so as to allow students to sail through the program in the smoothest possible way, easily learning this new skill. In addition to that, students are also given all of the tools they will need to start and grow their own lash business! This Accredited “Hands-On” Lash Extension Training Program combines virtual learning modules and assignments PLUS in-person training with a Certified Lash Educator, and a premium student starter kit!

  • Lash Class Academy offers the highest rated NALA Accredited Training Program in the Okanagan.
  • The programs include a 1 year subscription to all of the virtual training modules.
  • Premium Student Kit with enough Supplies for 25 sets of lash extensions.
  • Continued mentorship!
  • Classic, Volume & Master Lash Certification Programs available.

Virtual Training

Inheriting the formula from the accredited lash training program, Lash Class Virtual Academy delivers unparalleled education and remarkable results for our students!

  • Virtual Training with 5x Certified Master Lash Artist / Accredited Lash Coach Heather Gillett.
  • Course modules include step-by-step guides, lessons and assignments that will help to prepare students for real world lash application services and your lash coach is available to you every step of the way!
  • Once enrolled, students will have 6 months from the start of the course date to complete the courses and relating assignments and submit their application for certification online – and will also enjoy a full year of subscription to the online courses and all of the updated modules and videos as they are released!
  • Lash Coaching Packages available for both In-Person and Live-Stream Video Calls!
  • Student Kits available for purchase.
  • Flexible payment options and enrolment levels!
  • Hundreds of thoughtfully designed pictures, videos, infographics, PDF downloads and guides to helps along the way!

Flexible Payment Options Available!


See what people are saying

Heather is a true professional and really understands her craft. The Lash Training is so indepth and really gets into cleaning of lashes before ANY application, the disinfection and sanitation of tools.The videos are very well done and have really helped me understand the right way of isolating the lashes even before the hands on class. Anyone looking to do a Lash Course SHOULD take the training from Heather.

Ana Perju

Hair & Lash Artist

Laisa Ebanks

Heather is extremely knowledgeable with respect to the history, application and entire process of lash extensions. Not only does she create beautiful lashes herself on her clients, but her training course is hands on, easy to follow and you leave feeling confident, excited and ready to grow your own business. I highly recommend her to anyone considering the training. I was able to quit one of my jobs after one month of taking her course. That says something. Thanks Heather!

Laisa Ebanks

Lash Extension Technician

Hannah Kaebe

Heathers training went above and beyond my expectations! The course was very in depth and covered everything, from how to properly cleanse the lashes to the sanitation of your work space. She even invited me back to shadow a different course which was extremely helpful! I can confidently work on clients coming straight out of the course. I would highly recommend to have her as your instructor!

Hannah Kaebe

Lash Extension Technician

Jaqueline Brown

Lash Extension Technician

Heather provides an excellent hands-on learning experience with her 2 day in-person Lash Class course. In addition, the Lash Class online training tutorials with video and examples of forms to use in your own business, such as waiver agreements, client profiles, COVID-19 precautions and screening and posters, are second to none. It really made it very easy for me to create my own client forms. Heather is so supportive and wants her students to succeed well in their lash businesses. As a newer lash technician, I feel fully supported by Heather and I greatly appreciate the time and energy Heather gives to her students even after they become certified lash technicians and start their own business. I would highly recommend Heather’s Lash Class course and the professional and personable services she provides with her own lash and makeup business.

Lash Class was the best decision I ever made! Heather is very professional, loves what she does, and it shows! I learned everything I needed to go out into the real world of Lashes. Beyond thrilled and excited for my new journey. Would highly recommend Lash Class to anyone who’s interested in learning about lash extensions and becoming a lash technician. I knew nothing and I feel confident now with my new skills!


Lash Extension Technician

Heather’s online lash course is amazing! Lots of great information and videos. Highly recommend her as your instructor.

Andrea Cebraros

Lash Extension Technician

I took my classic lash course through Heather and recommend her services! She is detail oriented, kind and professional. I had fun and have continued to reach out to her where she has not hesitated to help me out

Kayla Adams

Lash Extension Technician

My experience training with Heather was above and beyond what I expected! She is very professional, knowledgeable and made sure I was set up for success! Her training is very informative and her teaching style is very hands on. Heather’s commitment to her students being a great lash artist is very commendable. The time and effort she has invested in training me has included hours of mentorship and industry advice. Heather continues to be a great resource and support to my growth in my business. This is not your average lash training!

Ayeana Mills

Lash Extension Technician

Heather is the best! She’s so sweet and personable, and she’s such an awesome coach. I knew nothing about lashes when I took the course and now I feel confident in my abilities and what I’ve learned! I’m so happy I chose lash class 🤍

Jade Tarajan

Lash Extension Technician

Heather is absolutely the most amazing teacher! I’ve learned so much and can not wait to learn more from her in the future !! (:

Jordan Earl

Lash Extension Technician

I thoroughly enjoyed my volume training at Lash Class. As an already classic certified I found the content of the course relevant and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommended this course to any classic certified lash tech. I felt confident in myself to offer volume directly after and my clients were happy to have another option for services. If your in the market for some lash training I recommend you looking at lash class!!

Deanna Gould

Lash Extension Technician

Heather is an amazing instructor! I am very happy with both of her courses, and have went on to have a very successful business within my first year and a half since taking them. She is always there to answer questions and help you with anything you need regarding lashes or building a successful business! Would highly recommend!

Elizabeth Parenteau

Lash Extension Technician

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