Classic 101

So you’re considering learning the Art of Lash Extensions…

You have come to the right place. At Lash Class Academy we have a fresh and unique approach to imparting our comprehensive Lash Extension Program, created by NALA Certified Lash Educator; Heather Gillett.

But first, you need to know a few things about your options. In the traditional Lash Education Model, you will find:  
  1. Expensive, “Pop Up” 2-day classes of 10 (usually) or more students to one instructor and usually in a hotel conference room. 
  2. There will be a power point presentation that you cannot take with you when you leave. 
  3. If a course manual is offered to students; it is rarely inclusive of the standards set by NALA 
  4. Imagine yourself among 9 other students crowding around one instructor to hopefully catch a glimpse of a short demo and trying to glean as much from it as you can before going to work on one of your models with sharp tweezers and lots of glue and asking dozens of questions to one thinly stretched educator.  
  5. Most students feel overwhelmed when they leave and nowhere near prepared to approach offering this service to their own clients and actively seek further mentoring and education.

Contrast that with the Lash Class Academy approach to Education

  • First, know that Heather Gillett is a NALA Certified Educator and creator of Classic 101 (A Comprehensive Guide to the Safe Application of Lash Extensions) which means you will receive an education with at least 3 times more comprehensive information than most courses
  • Maximum of 4 students per class (space is very limited)
  • Brick & mortar building with a convenient central Kelowna location
  • 2 full days of instruction with an option for additional workshop days
  • Continued mentoring
  • Classic 101 Course Manual; A Comprehensive Guide to the Safe Application of Lash Extensions. Students must have read the full course manual prior to attending training
  • Premium Starter Kit included in the course fee
  • Professional Aftercare and Policy Forms,  Photo & Liability Release Forms, and Client Consultation Forms
  • Studio Decontamination Guide
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Studio Equipment & Supplies Checklist
  • An opportunity to grow your clientele with a flexible and affordable bed rental program: just bring your own clients
  • Full access to online tutorials Via the Student Portal
  • Personalized student assessment, highlighting areas where practice would improve workflow and skill level
  • Advance at your own pace and receive your certification on your own terms
  • Alumni benefits and discounts for optional continuing supplemental training and certification courses

If this sounds right for you please feel free to fill out the contact form below!





Published by Heather Gillett - Makeup Artist - Certified Lash Educator

Entrepreneur; I am the CEO and Managing Director of Lash Class Inc. and the creator of Classic 101, a NALA Accredited - Lash Extension course. Graduate of NUMA International Institute of Makeup and Design: The Master's Program

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