Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Brow Tattoo


Microblading is an attractive, natural-looking, semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement that can last about a year and will require a touch-up every 6 to 8 months to keep them looking fresh.  

Each new Microblading appointment includes two sessions in order to achieve the best ‘healed’ result.

The first session includes a consultation where you and the technician discuss your desired shape and colour expectations. No pigments are implanted into the skin until you are happy with the shape of the brow and you have approved the design. It is a good idea to bring pictures of how you like your makeup to look on yourself. Pictures of other people’s brows is nice for reference however the artist will always create a brow design that best suites your eye and face shape and age.

The second appointment is held 6 to 8 weeks after the first session in order for the appointment to be free of any fee’s. After the 8 week period there will be a $100 fee for the Touchup appointment.

Each client will receive Aftercare Balm, Cleanser and Aftercare Instructions to follow in order to properly heal and seal the pigment into the skin for the best results. During the healing time, you will see your brows will shrink as the swelling is reduced and the pigment will fade to more natural colour. Often our clients will see the pigment appear to fade and darken during the healing process. This is completely normal. Any areas that have faded away will be recoloured during the 6 to 8 week touchup.

We require a $100 deposit which is deducted from he full cost of the treatment at checkout.

Microblading can be ideal if you fall into one or more of the categories below:

  • If you have faint, missing or gaps in your natural brows
  • If you are a busy professional who wants to save time doing makeup everyday
  • If you have trouble applying makeup or designing a brow you are happy with
  • If you have trouble seeing the makeup without glasses or contact lenses
  • If you are sensitive or allergic to some ingredients in makeup 
  • If you are an active person who doesn’t want their makeup to run while sweating

Microblading may not be right for you if you fall into one or more of the categories below:

  • If you are prone keloid scarring, exceptionally thin skin, Rosacea or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  
  • Individuals with  transmittable blood disease such as HIV or Hepatitis.  these conditions greatly impact the immune system and the ability to heal properly.
  • If you’ve had Botox/filler in the brow area. Please wait 4 to 6 weeks after botox/filler before having a Microblading treatment
  • You are undergoing active chemotherapy. 
  • If you are taking medication for high blood pressure.
  • If you have eczema, shingles, rashes, or anything other skin condition near your eyebrows.
  • Individuals with oily skin. Those with very oily skin and large pores may not be a good candidate for microblading. 
  • If you are under 18 years of age
  • If you are pregnant or nursing
  • You have a pre-existing eyebrow tattoo that needs a correction procedure. 
First Appointment $325
6 to 8 Weeks Touchup Free
9 + Weeks Touchup$100
9 to 18 Month Touchup $200
18 Month + Touchup $300